The Flatiron Final Countdown

Andrew Julian
2 min readDec 19, 2022


The goal of this post is to introduce a series of posts that will center around the design and development of my Phase-5 Project, the capstone for the Flatiron School Software Engineering Bootcamp.

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This project tests student in the abilities to create a full-stack, single page application, that utilizes a React fronted and Rails backend.

There are other criteria, such as integrating data management with Redux or useContext, as well as the inclusion of a skill from outside the curriculum. Yet, the value is the option for a full creative scope in the development of an idea from concept to production.

The specific quantity of posts in this series will be dependent on the progress and hurdles that I experience while creating the application, but a few you can expect are:a

  • Planning the Design and Creating the Proposal
  • Setting up Roles and Permissions for Users
  • Creating the Main User Experience
  • Adding a User Chatroom Feature
  • User Testing and Feedback for Final Product Feature Refinement

After the implementation of all elements in a given phase, I will publish a post. For example, the first post will come after the project approval. In addition, I will also try to include other media such as videos or images.

This final project is a great chance to catalog my application development experience, as well as share insights gained through the process of creating the application from scratch, while exploring new content.

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