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AR and VR: The Next Big Content Creation Tool for Students

Andrew Julian
4 min readMay 25, 2018


The age of posters, pamphlets, and trifolds has long been over, and the presentation is soon to follow. It isn’t because of the novelty of new technology, but more because of the engagement and authenticity provided by the robustness of AR and VR experiences.

We all would prefer to experience something new, rather than just hear about it from someone else.

Harnessing the power of AR/VR experiences is an opportunity that educational communities should not squander. Every institution strives to provide authentic learning opportunities and asks students to share what they know in engaging ways.

Sharing Knowledge: Engage in an experience!

Student knowledge can be articulated in a variety of ways, some technology driven and others not. However, the next phase in student articulation is sharing what they know with a broader audience as a means of informing others.

This shift in audience from teacher to world, requires that more care be taken to consider if the information is engaging for the new learners. Here is where products like pamphlets and posters just don’t hit the mark.

Posters require the audience to be the first to engage and carry little instruction on how to derive value from the product.

Pamphlets have a ton of information, but not much depth. Leaving the audience with questions and no provided answers.

Both of these products are one person’s perspective, leaving the audience little room for their ideas

In summary posters and pamphlets lack depth and direction. Here is where experiences come to have high value. They provide…

  • A more open environment for exploration
  • A User Interface for navigation and instructional support
  • Opportunities to engage a different levels for a personalized experience

“Experiences are the things we remember as they are directly connected to the decisions we made and the outcomes that resulted. “

Tools for the Task: Mixed Reality through…



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