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Educator and Aspiring Developer—Visit for more about my teaching and personal pursuits.
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In a previous piece entitled, “Fail Forward with Feedback” I talked about how failure has the potential to be a productive tool for learners of all ages. In this piece, I want to expand on the idea of using errors and iteration in order to discuss how you can begin…

Feedback improves the understanding of information or skills and accelerates the rate at which growth can happen for any learner.

Image of two individuals using written notes to represent feedback that can be used to improve a product.
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What is a “fail forward” philosophy?

The main principle of this learning method is that students can engage in learning new information at their own speed, receiving feedback only when they “fail.” …

On my intentional shift back to paper

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As one who relies heavily on the integrated nature of technology in order to manage the tasks associated with my job, an intentional shift back to paper is allowing me to be more intentional and reflective.

I will admit that historically my ability to manage digital engagement was difficult. Truthfully…

I’ll show you how to use breakout rooms, polling, and Q&A.

In my recent article, “How I am Going to Handle Two Weeks of Remote Learning,” I made three suggestions for teachers to consider in remote learning settings. …

With recent spikes in COVID cases, my district is moving back into remote learning for the next two weeks. If your district is doing the same, this article will share some ideas I am using for this short term hiatus from in-person instruction to ensure learning continues.

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Suggestion #1: Be specific with what you want to achieve.

If you don’t…

Features of my classroom that my students feel are creating a productive learning environment in an atypical school year.

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Looking Toward Fall 2020 and Spring 2021

Most schools in the United States are not functioning as they normally would. …

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Pure project-based learning (PBL) is an instructional model that is always of interest to me, as it focuses on empowering students to put their best effort forth by affording them the autonomy to make choices, which combined with appropriate resources and support, often leads to high student achievement. …

We are now at the crux of a very important “could we, should we” moment in education.

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The context of a school as the central location for learning has been somewhat broken down and teachers have been forced to adjust to a remote learning model of instruction. …

Educating students is a challenging experience in and of itself, so are we hampering the success of our schools by lumping too much on their plates or are we holding them back by not providing enough support?

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If you are outside the educational field, it is still possible that you…

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